Each of the following tents comes equipped with:

Tent Materials:

  • 18 oz. Tent top
  • 14 oz. sidewall
  • Heavy-duty bags for top & sidewall
  • Galvanized steel center pole(s) & wall poles
  • Ropes, stakes, instructions
  • Fire marshal certificates & repair materials

Material Quality:

Premium Round & Oval Pole Tents:

Unique vinyl laminate* made to specific specifications enhances tent quality.

Fabric (scrim) in the laminate is a 1300 x 1800 denier polyester (Dacron) with 18 rip-stop cords per inch, both horizontally and vertically, providing extraordinary strength (significantly stronger than the industry standard of 1000 denier).

Vinyl includes additional U. V. protection with titanium dioxide, surpassing others in sun resistance and longevity.

Colors are guaranteed to remain vibrant for years, thanks to the finest color-fast pigmentation.

Extra-thick vinyl (18+ ounces per yard) boosts sun and abrasion resistance, providing a sturdy surface for weather-proofing materials over every seam.

Abundant polyester, U. S. manufactured, in seat belts, thick (#207) thread, and the inner “scrim” of the vinyl ensures sun resistance and strength.

Polyester, twice as strong as cotton, is resistant to mildew or rot and remains stable in temperature and humidity extremes.

Steel-to-Steel Connections:

All connections, including the special twin bail-ring, are hot-dip galvanized for 30-year rust resistance.

Superior Design and Detail:

The bail-ring is suitable for both “push-pole” or pulley raisings, eliminating the risk of center pole damage through abrasion.

Unique hook and ring connectors at tent top, eave, and in larger tents (61′ and above) at the quarter-band enhance the tent’s ability to withstand forces during storms.

Triple stitch seams with #207 polyester thread are four times stronger than standard double stitches with #138 thread.

Quarter-pole positions in larger tents (61′ and wider) are reinforced with extra seat belts, additional kite-shaped vinyl, and three layers of the vinyl laminate.

Quarter pole domes on large tents feature tough, aluminum “heads” at every 1/4 pole position, providing reliable strong points to withstand storms.

Double Belting:

Two seat belts are used at all edges, quarter-pole positions, and the seam at each “end” of every tent.

The center-band of every middle has a special 3″ wide belt with 18,000 lbs. breaking strength.

  • Rain-Flap and Valance:

The rain-flap over the laced edges and the valance of each section are secured effectively with industrial vel-cro, ensuring stability even in winds exceeding 100 mph.

  • Deluxe Side-Wall (Curtain):

Special features include a 1½” belt around the edge, stainless steel snap hooks and zinc grommets, bi-fold corners for added strength, and a sidewall scrim as robust as the tent top material.

  • Additional Detail Items:

Numerous detail items, too extensive to enumerate, contribute to the overall strength, safety, and durability of the tents.

  • Continuous Improvement:

Ongoing research, development, evaluation, and testing ensure that Miami Missionary Tent Company remains at the forefront of tent technology.

*Note: Vinyl laminate consists of two layers of vinyl bonded permanently to either side of a polyester fabric.